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Holiday Ornaments

The wonderful smell of these ornaments fills the air while they dry. Children love to help make these and they are a sure bet to come out great. My sister shared this with me and I think of her every time I make them.



24 Small Ornaments


1. Combine and mix well the first 5 ingredients
2. Mix in the applesauce to the spice mixture
3. Create a ball and roll out with a rolling pin to approximately 1/8" thick on wax paper
4. Cut out shapes with cookie cutters
5. Peel away excess dough and reserve excess dough to make more
6. Punch a small hole for the ribbon in the top of the ornament
7. Lift carefully to a pan for drying
8. Air dry for 3 - 5 days until firm (enjoy the wonderful fragrance)
9. Thread ribbon through hole and enjoy!


This recipe was provided by Ginny L from Deering