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Homestyle Potato Chips

Washing the starch off the potatoes helps them get crispy when fried. Make several batches and play around with the seasoning choices. Northern Style Barbecue and Lake Shore Drive Seasonings are two really good blends of homemade potato chips.

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Homestyle Potato Chips Recipe

Preparation Instructions

Slice potatoes using a mandoline slicer, set the blade to the thinnest setting. (1/16" is best.)

Fill a large bowl with cool water and place sliced potatoes in the water. Using your hand, stir and separate slices until starch is released and water becomes cloudy. Drain potatoes in a colander and repeat twice more, or until potatoes give off no more starch.

Fill bowl with cool water and dissolve salt in water. Add potatoes, stir well and let rest in salted water for 30 minutes.

Drain potatoes and rinse well. Using a salad spinner, dry slices in several small batches. Place several long sheets of paper towels on the counter, and lay out slices on the paper towels. Roll up the potato slices in the towels and set aside.

Heat oil to 365. Meanwhile place 3 or 4 long sheets of paper towels into a large bowl. Place a cooling rack on a large cookie sheet and set both aside. When oil has reached temperature fry 20-30 slices at a time, stirring and flipping gently with a spider to separate and cook evenly. Fry for 1-2 minutes until browned and crisp.

Remove chips to the bowl with paper towels and while still hot, sprinkle a half teaspoon of your favorite Spice House seasonings. Using the paper towels, roll the chips back and forth to distribute the spices. Transfer to the cooling rack over the cookie sheet.

Let oil return to temperature. Repeat until all potato chips are fried. Leftover chips can be bagged and are great the next day.


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