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Hummus with Preserved Lemons and Ras el Hanout

Isn’t hummus great? So easy to make, so fast, and everyone loves it. But do you ever get tired of the same old type of hummus? A lot of people don’t realize it, but the basic recipe for hummus (tahini and chickpeas), is just the jumping-off point into a world of different combinations! Different beans (black, kidney, pea, lentil, etc.) and different spices mean you never have to make the same hummus twice!

In this hummus, I've used preserved lemons for their tart, salty tang. I also used Ras el Hanout, that spice mix that’s all the rage on "Top Chef" and with all the other superchefs these days, for its smoky, earthy elements. So let your imagination run free! Enjoy!



makes about 2 cups


Combine all ingredients in food processor, process until smooth. Add more chickpea liquid if necessary to get to a silky consistency.


*Note: rinsing the lemon is very important. If you don’t rinse the lemon, your hummus will be excessively salty.


This recipe was provided by Steven from 37 Cooks