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Idiot-proof Pot Roast

My beautiful and talented fiancee Carrie came up with this while sampling the Prime Rib Rub. It's actually better than my mom's and easy as pie to make (though good pie is actually quite difficult.)

Try it, you'll love it.



6-8 servings


spread English Prime Rib Rub Liberally on the roast.
sear on both sides, place in slow cooker/crock pot.
Make onion soup mix according to package instructions, use to deglaze pan that you seared roast in. pour all liquid and little bits in crock pot with roast.
Add carrots, celery, potatoes and onions
Slow cook for 6+ hours.
Meat will fall apart on its own, saves you from having to set out knives or cleaning them.


The more onions the better, in my opinion.


This recipe was provided by Peter K from Elgin