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This is a popular roadside dish of India and is loved by one and all, irrespective of anything. This is prevelant in North India, and is slowly spreading to each and every corner of India.





First, soak the Kabuli Chana in water for a night. Add the baking soda and boil until soft. Drain. In a pressure cooker with the lid open, heat the oil and bay leaves. When hot, grind the other spices and fry them in the oil, keeping the lid open. Add the boiled Kabuli Chana and salt and mix thoroughly. Pour a cup of water in the cooker and close the lid. When it whistles, remove from heat and carefully open. Your Chhole are ready.

Then, mix the baking soda, while boiling the Chana. When boiled, remove the water out of the mixture. Then take a pressure cooker and heat the refined cooking oil in it, and then put the Bay leaf in the oil while it is getting heated. Then grind the spices and fry them in the cooker. Don't close the lid of the cooker meanwhile. When the Spices get fried, then put the Kabuli Chana and Salt in the cooker. Mix them thoroughly.Then pour a cup of water in the cooker and close its lid. After a whistle, put the cooker off the stove. Open its lid carefully. Your Chhole are ready.


This recipe was provided by Chitra S from Lucknow