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Indian Vegetable Fritters (Pakora)

Often served for appetizers with chai in Indian households.This recipe has a cornacopia of spices and herbs. It is a very popular street food and buffet item at weddings and parties. You may tailor it according to what herbs and spices you like. Also the amount and type of vegetables are up to you. Common vegetables used are potatoes, onion, cauliflower and spinach. Tip: try to keep potatoes thin and all the vegetables roughly the same size for even cooking.



serves 5+


Heat oil for frying.
Mix all ingredients together till well combined. It should be relatively thick batter not thin batter with vegetables floating in it. This results in a crunchy fritter!
Wait till oil is ready and drop fritters in with a tablespoon. Watch carefully , turn the fritter to cook evenly on other side and remove when golden brown. Test one and ensure the inside is cooked and not wet. Adjust the seasoning in the remaining batter as needed. If the outside is brown and inside is not cooked, lower heat a little to ensure the fritter is in long enough to cook through.


This recipe was provided by Kulminder B from Calgary