Instant Vanilla Cola Beverage

Would you like to make your favorite brand of cola (diet or regular) into a vanilla cola?

Yield: 1 individual drink serving
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This vanilla powder is ideal for those who want rich vanilla flavor without the alcohol found in vanilla extract. It is made from pure... Size Options
$30.49 Glass jar, 1/2 cup (wt. 2.5 oz)

Instant Vanilla Cola Beverage Recipe

Preparation Instructions

In the glass you will be using for your cola drink, sprinkle to taste, the vanilla powder.

Pour in the cola of your choice, from a bottle or can, and add ice. A quick stir is optional.


Yield: 1 individual drink serving
Helpful Hints

The vanilla powder is strong so only a little is needed. An advantage of using vanilla powder is you only have to buy regular cola of your choice, not the pre-flavored cola.
Each person can choose to use the vanilla or not, and adjust the amount to fit their particular taste. In summary, it is a customized convenient vanilla cola.

A net weight 2.5 oz. jar (1/2 cup shaker) of powder is somewhat expensive, but will last a long, long time. The powder can also be used in place of vanilla extract for baking, desserts, coffee, and drink recipes.


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