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Instant Vanilla Cola Beverage

Would you like to make your favorite brand of cola (diet or regular) into a vanilla cola?



1 individual drink serving


In the glass you will be using for your cola drink, sprinkle to taste, the vanilla powder.

Pour in the cola of your choice, from a bottle or can, and add ice. A quick stir is optional.



The vanilla powder is strong so only a little is needed. An advantage of using vanilla powder is you only have to buy regular cola of your choice, not the pre-flavored cola.
Each person can choose to use the vanilla or not, and adjust the amount to fit their particular taste. In summary, it is a customized convenient vanilla cola.

A net weight 2.5 oz. jar (1/2 cup shaker) of powder is somewhat expensive, but will last a long, long time. The powder can also be used in place of vanilla extract for baking, desserts, coffee, and drink recipes.


This recipe was provided by Calvin P from Dekalb