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Lake Shore - Cheddar Popcorn

My mother in law gave gift boxes from The Spice House to all 5 of the women in the family last Christmas. This started a flurry of tasty experiments! This is one of my favorite snacks now. Easy, addictive, and good for you!





Pop the popcorn any way you like. I heat about 1 T oil in a big skillet with a cover, drop in 3 kernels, and add the rest of the popcorn when these kernels pop.

When popcorn is popped, remove from heat and grate cheddar cheese over the top while turning it over with a big spoon. I use a Microplane grater for this step.

Sprinkle Lake Shore Drive Seasoning over the popcorn/cheese combination, turning with your big spoon to make sure it's evenly distributed.


This recipe was provided by Elsa C from Los Gatos