Large lamb curry

Lamb Curry

Minimum cooking time is one hour but I let mine cook for 2.5 hours to let all the flavors mature.

Yield: 6
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Lamb Curry Recipe

Preparation Instructions

Place cumin seeds in a dry, hot tagine base (large) or wok and heat until fragrant (about 5 minutes). Place seeds in a mortar and grind to a powder with the pestle. Place cumin in a small bowl along with the next ten ingredients. Stir well to mix the spices. Add enough water to make a paste. Set aside.

Heat oil and butter on high in the tagine base or wok. Brown meat on all sides. Remove and set aside.

Saute the sliced onions until translucent. Stir in the spice paste and cook for about three minutes. Replace the meat. Add the potatoes, pearl onions, curry leaves, coconut milk, and the chicken stock. Simmer covered for at least one hour. The longer it simmers, the more flavors come out. I let mine cook for 2.5 hours or so.

Serve over rice or couscous.

Yield: 6
Helpful Hints

This is great with any meat. For a thicker gravy, remove lid for last thirty minutes of cooking time.


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