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Lavender Racks of Lamb

I made this up after my visit to The Spice House. I first cooked with lavender by making a lavender ice cream. It was floral and subtle and fabulous with an apricot tart. Since it's in the salvia family (like sage) I thought it would be a pleasant change from rosemary.



2 racks/4-6 people


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
Although the butcher may have removed the fat and sinew from the rib bones for appearance, there is usually a long row of fat on top of the meaty ribs. Remove this, as it tightens in cooking.
Grind the dry ingredients in a mortar & pestle. The salt will help release the flavor and break up the petals. Rub this mix all over the lamb.
Using a fry or saute pan that can go in the oven, brown the lamb racks on all three sides.
Make sure it is golden brown before turning.
Pour off any fat/oil and put the whole pan into the oven for 7 minutes for medium-rare, or up to 12 minutes for medium-well.
Serve with a fragrant rice or starch.


It's worth buying a pan that can go in the oven. Otherwise, you will have more dishes to do if you need to swap the lamb to a preheated roasting pan.

Do not used perfumed lavender. Make sure it is unscented and okay to cook with.


mortar and pestle


This recipe was provided by Merrilyn T from Redwood Shores