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Louisiana Style BBQ Shrimp

This is a favorite of ours from Louisiana. It's not a "BBQ" in the traditional sense, but herbed shrimp. It's best with shrimp with heads on, but if you can't find them, headless will do.



8 appetizer servings


Combine all the dry herbs and mix well. Simmer wet ingredients for the sauce on the stovetop. Add the dry herbs, stirring for about 6-7 minutes. Use a large enough pot for the shrimp to fit in a single layer.

Add the shrimp and bring to boil. Lower heat, and cook l0 minutes or more, stirring and lifting, till all are pink. Do not overcook.

Turn off heat, cover pan, and let sit to absorb the flavors for about 15 minutes.

If you prefer, you can bake the shrimp in a 400 degree oven until cooked through. Don't overcook them, they just have to be very hot throughout - too much will toughen. The longer they sit in the sauce, they better they become!


Serve this with hot, crusty french bread to dip in the sauce, as you peel the shrimp and eat them. You can adjust the amount of cayenne, depending on your taste. Also, ground Chipotle chile pepper is good in this.


This recipe was provided by Helen S from Albany