Mad Annie's Turkey Basting Stuff

In another of my MAD scientific kitchen experiments, I wanted to create the ULTIMATE turkey. Without much research, I found the secret is in the basting. Once again, I created a concoction that leads to perfection. The key is the lemon juice and EXTRA EXTRA Dry Vermouth and basting every 20-30 minutes. You will never again have a dry turkey.

Yield: one 8-12 pound turkey

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Mad Annie's Turkey Basting Stuff Recipe

Preparation Instructions

Whisk in a bowl until well blended. With clean hands, rub mixture all over turkey, including underneath skin and in body cavities. You may cook right away, or place in the fride over night so the turkey soaks up the flavors.

Cook Turkey as you normally would--place tin foil over the tips of the wings and legs. Tent tinfoil over the rest of the turkey and at the last half hour, remove tinfoil tent (leave tinfoil on leg and wing tips to prevent burning).

Every 20-30 minutes, baste with this mixture, using a basting brush, being extra careful to get the wing and let tips (be sure to replace the tin foil so you don't burn these parts).

Yield: one 8-12 pound turkey
Helpful Hints

You can use the pan drippings to make gravy.
All quantities are suggestions only. As usual, Mad Annie encourages you to increase or decrease quantities to suit your personal taste preferences and/or the size of the meal.


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1 Comment


This was an expensive recipe to make and it was a mess, it did not have the consistency to stay on the turkey as a rub, and if you are basting with it.... it clogged the baster.

Maybe as a marinade, but actually I would create a pesto of the herbs and add more salt. This would give it more body and make it easier to apply. Actually we did not taste any difference. A lot of work for very little.