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Mediterranean Goat Cheese Chicken

This is an easy dish to fix at the last minute since you lay the thighs flat and they don't take long to cook. It is a recipe I created myself. It has become one of my husband's and my favorites.





Place the thighs flat, smooth side down, in a 9x11 glass baking dish. Sprinkle all of them with the salt. Then place about 6 grinds of pepper on each. Turn thighs over. Spread goat cheese on each thigh, about 1 T or a little more to taste.

Add the Moroccan Spice Mixture to the tomato sauce and stir well. Spoon the tomato sauce on top of the goat cheese on the thighs, being careful to not let drip off the sides onto the pan bottom if you want browned edges. Or you can use all the tomato sauce and let it run onto the pan.

Bake 40 min at 350 degrees.


Add garnish: If you like olives, add your favorite kind before baking; halve 2 olives for each thigh and place them on top, pushing down through tomato sauce and cheese. I use green olives.

Spanish Variation: instead of the tomato sauce and Moroccan Spice Mixture above, use Sofrito, which is a tomato based sauce flavored with onions, green pepper and cilantro. I use the sofrito recipe found in the book "Grain Brain" which produces enough for several meals and keeps well in the refrigerator.


This recipe was provided by Susan E from Elkhart