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Milwaukee Italian Sausage Alla Lois

I was born and continue to live in Milwaukee, so I chose to use the best this city has to offer and create this recipe.



Ingredients given for 4 - Easily doubled or tripled


Place all ingredients in an appropriate sized saucepan and bring to a boil. Turn on low and simmer for up tp 4 hours. Remove sausage. Discard Bay Leaves. Reduce cooking liquid untl thick like a relish. Grill sausage till golden and crispy. Serve on rolls with relish.


If you wish, you could add some julliened red pepper strips to the mix. My Doctor'ed Up Tomato Sauce could also be served on the side for dipping. When doubling or tripling, you may still only want to use 1 bay leaf.


This recipe was provided by Lois H from West Allis