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Momma Larimer's Mandarin Orange Muffins

I've been making this for my boys for years. Now that they are off to college I'm shipping them next day delivery. Never mind that there are several very fine bakeries right on campus. "Momma, can you please send me some of those muffins?"





1. Mix dry ingredients;
2. Mix wet ingredients and add to dry, and fold in with a spatula;
3. Fold in cut mandarin oranges and dried fruit (yellow raisins);
4. Use Pam cooking spray;
5. Pour into 12 large muffin pans;
6. Sprinkle with either vanilla sugar or maple sugar;
7. Bake at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes.


If you notice your muffins browning too fast on top put a piece of tin foil over them while they continue to bake to keep the tops from over-browning.


This recipe was provided by Angela L from Chicago