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Montserrat Cabbage Salad

I was in the Peace Corps on an island in the British West Indies where there was no meat. We ate a lot of fresh fruit, fresh veggies, rice, and goat. Of course the goat had some marvelous fresh spices doctoring it up, ginger, curry, fresh pepper, chilies.



4 adults


Put the cabbage, bell peppers and shallot together in a large bowl.

Mix the spices, sugar, Miracle Whip, and yogurt together to make the dressing.

Add dressing to the chopped cabbage mixture. Mix thoroughly. Then, add tomato as a topping along with optional sunflower seeds. Let set about a hour to absorb the flavors.


Cabbage in those convenient baggies seem to be drier than the cabbage you chop yourself.

Enjoy all day long, as the crunchiness curbs your appetite and adds marvelous fiber to your diet.

The calories are minimul along with fat content. I figure it takes more energy to digest this one.


This recipe was provided by Gail M from Chicago