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Moroccan Fruit salad with orange blossom water

I grew with this recipe as you can change it depending on what fruit is in season



4 to 6 people


Place all the fruits in a bowl, except for the walnuts and fresh figs( if dried figs are used then add to the mix). Sprinkle with the suggar, and add orange blossom water. Toss all well together to make sure all the fruit is coated. Add the fresh figs at the end as they tend to be much more delicate.
Let the fruit stand 1-2 hrs (or preferably overnight) before serving. Serve with the fruit with its "juice", topped with pieces of walnuts.


You can use any fruit you like. Citrus fruit works well as it adds a nice "sauce" to the dessert, and also softens the dates and figs and brings out their sugars into the mix. You can also add a touch of cinnamon.

For a vegan salad, make sure to use a vegan sugar like beet sugar or evaporated cane juice.


This recipe was provided by Asma C from Miami