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Motor Speedway Double Cheeseburgers

Slowly developed over the years...
through cooking for myself, and sharing with a group of friends, relatives and neighbors.

In Indianapolis, we love racing and love our grilled meats just as much! Not to mention tailgating, etc!!!

I fashioned these burgers as an inspired take on "Steak&Shake" burgers, which have always been popular around here.





I make the sauce first and keep it cool. That way the flavors blend nicely.

On a plate, soak spices for a few minutes in the Worcestershire. Add the beef, and then form 6 thin patties.

I prefer a charcoal fire started in a chimney, and to make it perfect I'd toss in some soaked wood chips once the coals are ready. Basically, whatever you can do will work out great (skillet, gas grill, etc.).

Sprinkle some of the Quebec beef seasoning on each side once the burgers are about 1/2 done, and since these are thin patties, keep your eyes on things--- they don't take too long with this preparation!

Add a slice of cheese to each patty once they are nearly done, then stack as double-cheeseburgers (layer of cheese in between) and cover the grill for about 1 minute.

I dress each side of the bun with some sauce, and then everyone can top as they please with onions, tomatoes, etc.


I have experimented with other seasoning blends to great success--- Milwuakee Avenue Seasoning blend is especially nice for a smokey kick, and plain salt also works quite well with the seasonings (some may even prefer it).

The buns are especially good buttered and placed on the grill!


This recipe was provided by Tom H from Indianapolis