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Pork Guisada - Stewed Pork Burrito Filling

Another one of my slow cooked recipes meant to fill your home with great cooking scents on those cold winter afternoons in Chicago! Like many of my Tex-Mex recipes, this one calls for chocolate, which is a very authentic southwestern spice so don’t be afraid – it adds a unique and surprising flavor you won’t expect!



1. Preheat oven to 300°
2. Place a 9X13X3 disposable aluminum baking pan on a sturdy cookie sheet
3. Sprinkle the white rice on the bottom of the pan
4. Evenly place the Pork Loin into the pan
5. Evenly empty the cans of Tomatoes and Black Beans over the Pork Loin
6. Evenly place the Potato, Onion, Tomatillos and Poblano Chilies into the pan
7. Sprinkle the chopped Cilantro into the pan
8. Thoroughly mix the Adobo Blend and Cocoa Powder with the lime juice and then evenly pour
mixture into the pan
9. Finally, sprinkle the Smoked Paprika across the top of the pan contents
10. Tightly seal pan with Aluminum foil
11. Place in oven and cook for four hours
12. Remove from oven, and thoroughly mix the pan contents together, especially making certain the
pork is well broken up
13. Serve with Tortillas, Sour Cream, Guacamole, Shredded Cheese, chopped Cilantro, and hot sauces
14. ENJOY!


Look for “Stew Pork” at your meat counter. It is just as good as Pork Loin for this and is sometimes a little cheaper in price

Note that this recipe works equally well with Beef or Chicken

You can dial up the heat by replacing some or all of the Smoked Paprika with Chipotle Powder, or some of the Poblano chilies with Jalapenos if you wish


This recipe was provided by Michael M from Rochester Hills