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Proceed-at-your-own-risk wings

I am often disappointed by restaurants that list their wings as "hot" or even "suicidal" and have never found a wing dish that lives up to its name. I eat very hot, but I also expect flavor. Numbing doesn't count if I can't taste anything; then it's just boringly hot.





Mix the marinade ingredients in a plastic bag and marinate the wings at least two hours. In the meantime, mix the coating sauce ingredients in a small non-corrosive bowl and let sit for the flavor and heat to develop. Drain and grill the wings until done. Toss the wings in the coating sauce.


Obviously you can adjust the heat by adjusting the amount of hot sauce and red pepper flakes, but if you are into HOT wings, use more, not less, if you can stand the heat.


This recipe was provided by Mabel M from Chicago