Large rosewater lemonade

Rosewater Lemonade

Yield: For one half gallon of lemonade.
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Rose water is is made by steeping rose petals. It’s unique essence is called for in Middle Eastern and Indian pastries alike. Size Options
$3.99 Bottle, 4.5 fluid oz

Rosewater Lemonade Recipe

Preparation Instructions

Mix well and chill. For sweeter, use more sugar. You can always cheat and use frozen concentrate.

Yield: For one half gallon of lemonade.

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I loved the recipe but changed the sugar to Splenda brown sugar and deleted the salt!

Paul W

I made this and used the Portuguese sea salt according to the recipe.It's quite good;the hint of salt gives it a nice taste.Good to serve when it's very hot outside;the salt will help you rehydrate.