Large saffron curry veggies

Saffron Curry Marinade

This recipe was used by Chef Kevin Bozis and Chef Jennifer "JR" Statz for a Stirring Things Up in Chicago Event at the Old Town shop in June 2005.

Patty and Tom Erd spoke about ethnic Chicago spices and blends, and the guests were served five different ethnic dishes. The Saffron Curry Vegetable Skewers used this marinade, and represented Devon Street.

Yield: 25 servings

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Saffron Curry Marinade Recipe

Preparation Instructions

Combine all of the ingredients in an airtight container, or disposable ziplock bag.

You can use whatever vegetables you prefer. We used califlower, new potatoes, and red bell pepper. Clean and cut the vegetables into pieces, but not too small that they'll fall off the skewers as they cook. Add the vegetables to the marinade, and marinate for several hours or overnight. Swirl, shake and toss the vegetables, for full coverage, every few hours.

If using wooden skewers, make sure to soak them in water for a couple hours to prevent them from burning on the grill.

Thread the marinated vegetables onto your pre-soaked skewers. Grill until vegetables are cooked through.

Serve with your choice of condiments. We served them with Mint Chutney and radish garnishes.

Yield: 25 servings
Helpful Hints

This recipe can easily be cut in half, for a smaller serving size.

When cooking for vegans, make sure the soy sauce and wine you use are vegan. Some brands are processed with animal products.


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