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Savory Burgers with Beef Roast Seasoning

My family loves burgers with flavor. Beef Roast Seasoning works well.





Mix oats, beef roast seasoning, eggs, parsley flakes and salt until well combined. Add meat and mix well to combine. Make 6 burgers. Cook in a frying pan on low-medium heat. Turn once. Add cheese and cover for the last 5 minutes or so to allow the burger to finish cooking and for the cheese to melt.


Serve with a whole grain bun. To refresh the bun, slip the uncut bun under running water very quickly. Place in a 350° oven, wet side down, for 10 minutes or until the bun is no longer wet to the touch. The water is driven inside and the bun will taste and smell like it was just baked.


This recipe was provided by Toby C from Milwaukee