Seasoned rice with saffron

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Yield: I never really measured after cooked

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Seasoned rice with saffron Recipe

Preparation Instructions

In large saucepan, mix butter, onion and rice together; heat until rice is lightly browned. Add broth, saffron, Italian seasoning and soy sauce; bring to boil. Reduce heat to low, cover pan and allow rice to cook/steam for 20 minutes.

Yield: I never really measured after cooked
Helpful Hints

Do not peek or stir the rice while steaming; just let it be. Very convenient when you need to be tending other parts of the meal, like the outdoor grill or cutting salad greens.


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1 Comment


I followed the recipe to tee and will make it again. However, I will do some alteration:
1) reduce butter to 1/8 or 3/16
2) omit soy sauce; saffron color to dominate
3) use low-salt chicken broth with soy sauce
4) sprinkle fresh chopped parsley before serving
Overall, it taste good. Thanks for sharing!