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Sherry Apple Juice Vinaigrette

I love vinaigrettes and make all kinds. This is one I made up that I love.



2 cups, approximately


Place all of the ingredients, except the oil, in a 2 cup jar with a lid. Put on lid and shake. Let sit 5 minutes to bloom onions. Then, add the cup of olive oil. Shake well, until emulsified. Do not overshake or the olive oil taste bitter.

Important: the fresh garlic in this dressing must be kept refrigerated, unless you are going to eat within a week. Keeps 3-4 weeks in frig.


I like my salads with romaine, iceberg, slaw mix, and red onions. Then, as needed, seedless cukes and other stuff. The slaw mix adds a nice crunch with added vitamins and minerals. I usually make enough for 3 salads and save the rest wrapped in paper towels inside a plastic bag for the next two nights.


This recipe was provided by Helen S from Sun City