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Short Ribs with Chocolate and Fettucini

Chocolate??..yes, its used in a lot of savory dishes. I cook this in the slow cooker, but if you want to do it in a heavy pot on stove, then add an additional 2 c. beef broth and simmer 1 -1/2 hour covered, uncover for about another hour or so till meat is fork tender.

I decided to throw in the chocolate because it seemed similar to making a Mexican Mole' which we love. It turned out really delicious.





Make the Soffrito and set aside
Brown the bacon
Then flour the meat and brown very well in olive oil

Mix soffrito, herbs and meat and add to slow cooker
Soak the mushrooms in hot water and chop ( reserve water)

COOK IN SLOW COOKER – 8 hours on low ( or 2 hours on High and 5 hours on low)….till meat falls apart.

Remove the meat and bones from the pot. Discard the bones. Shred the meat and return it to the pot. Season with S&P

*Fresh herbs get stale if cooked too long.


One of my variations is this - I keep a lot of packaged mixes on hand for adding to things...for instance if you are out of beef stock you can add 1 package of Beef Stew dry mix and the 3 cups of water. This isn't as complex as it looks - its simply a matter of getting all your stuff together, mixing and throwing in the pot. I also add garlic powder to offset the fact that raw garlic will sweeten and lose its garlicky flavor when cooking a long time.


This recipe was provided by Helen S from Escondido