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Spiced Figs in Port & Red Wine

I saw something similar to this dish made on a TV cooking show years ago, but using dried plums (prunes). I tried duplicating this recipe, especially in cold weather months, but when I recently used figs in place of the prunes, I felt I'd achieved a near perfect dish which could be used as a side or desert. Your kitchen will be 'perfumed' with the wonderful odors that that are produced when preparing it!
This is a great holiday or cold weather dish!



4 (or more) servings


Combine the port & wine and heat until hot but not boiling.

Add the figs, dried fruits & spices, stir well & heat, to a low simmer, covered, for approx. 5 min.

Pour into a tightly covered dish or container and allow to stand overnight, or (better) for 24 hrs.

Serve at room temp. or chilled, as a side, relish dish, or with vanilla ice cream and / or over sponge cake as a desert.


Other dried fruits, such as minced dates, apricots or sour cherries may be


Crystallized ginger may be used instead (but not fresh or dried). The ginger

adds an intense spiciness to this dish, so use it sparingly.

Fresh grated lemon peel (~ 1 t.) may be used in place of the extract.


This recipe was provided by Steve K from Des Plaines