Sweet and Spicy Mexican Seasoning

We use this all the time! We love it so much it's our favorite taco, burrito, or nacho seasoning. I can't keep it mixed up!

Yield: 4+
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Sweet and Spicy Mexican Seasoning Recipe

Preparation Instructions

1. Mix spices together.
2. Brown ground beef, add 2-4 T spices & sugar *while* browning. If using fresh onion, cook it with the browning meat.
3. Drain meat if needed (don't worry about losing the spices, the meat already soaked them in).
4. Add tomato paste & simmer for 5 or so more minutes.
5. For added flavor add fresh tomatoes, corn, beans or any veggies you like.
6. Serve as tacos, taco salad, roll into burritos, top chips for nachos, use straight as dip...use your imagination!
7. Top with shredded cheese, sour cream, guacamole, etc as you like.

Yield: 4+
Helpful Hints

Canned or frozen corn adds an additional sweetness. Mixing it with refried beans makes a nice dip or burrito filling.


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Amazing recipe. I used Smoked Paprika instead of the regular and added a great smoked flavor. Many thanks.