Rocky Mountain Seasoning Dip and Dressing Mix

Loaded with purple shallots and powdered green bell peppers, this Parmesan cheese blend is a great seasoning for livening up salads or vegetables. The sweetness of the shallots and sharp bell pepper marry for a delicious flavor ideal for quiches or pasta salad.


Mix 2 tablespoons with a cup of sour cream or yogurt for a zippy vegetable dip, or dressing. Or simply sprinkle it over broccoli or cauliflower. It’s delicious on baked chicken or sauteed chops.
Our Milwaukee patrons may be more familiar with this blend as Downer Avenue Seasoning, its original name.
Hand mixed from: dehydrated Parmesan cheese, sweet green bell pepper powder, coarse flake salt, whole sesame and poppy seeds, freeze-dried shallots and Muntok ground white pepper. Sodium content: 257.34 mg per teaspoon; 11.86% sodium

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