Rosemary Needles, Organic

Dried rosemary maintains its flavor better than almost any other herb. This organic rosemary is no exception.
Also available as Cracked, Ground, and Whole


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Rosemary is used in abundance in French, Spanish and Italian cooking. It has also gained a place in American cuisine, primarily for lamb and chicken. Stews, sauces, and foccacia bread all benefit from a little bit of rosemary.

There’s something we almost forgot to mention. Historically, rosemary is tied to memory. "There's rosemary, that's for remembrance; pray you, love, remember!" Ophelia lamented in Hamlet. Greek students in ancient times would wear rosemary wreaths during exams. Bridesmaids would present the bridegroom with a ribboned bunch of rosemary on the morning of his wedding so he would remember to be faithful.

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