Sage, Rubbed

This sage has all the flavor of the broken leaf, minus the inconvenience of the larger particulates. It can be added directly to sauces, rubs, and stews without having to strain it. Be sure to use a light hand though, as a little of our freshly dried rubbed sage goes a long way.
Also available as Broken Leaf


Spice Region
Inline eastern europe

Country of origin: Croatia

Sage is also a key ingredient in sausage making. Here in the Midwest, with so many people of Germanic and Slavic heritage, we sell a fair amount of it for just that purpose.
The Druids believed so strongly in sage’s healing properties, they thought it could bring the dead back to life! A tea made from rubbed sage leaf was said to improve both memory and prudence. One custom allowed maidens to foresee their future husbands by gathering a sprig of sage in the garden on Midsummer's Eve exactly at midnight. We found a recurring theme in our research of herbal histories: medicinal uses often dated back to several centuries BCE, and featured the addition of an herb to food in order to counteract disruptive elements of that dish. Sage was thought to counteract the indigestion caused by such rich foods as sausage or fatty poultry; therefore it became a regular ingredient in these recipes. 

NOTE: As with all herbs, sage is light in weight while being high in volume. For example, the 4 oz. size will fill a quart size zip-lock bag while the 8 oz. size will fill the gallon size. Most people only need the jar or the 1 oz. size package.
We also carry Organic Rubbed Sage.

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