Smoking Wood Chips



This is the most convenient way we've seen to add smoke to your grill. The wood chips are contained inside a small tin can. You peel off the label from the outside of the can, exposing a hole at the top. Put the can on your grill. The heat from your grill, whether gas or charcoal, will cause smoke to rise from the can and fill your grill for around an hour per can. Burns longer than loose wood chips, and no mess to clean up in your grill. If you only used the can for 15 minutes, you can cover the hole to stop the smoke if you want to reuse it for another grilling. Ideal for small grills and gas grills, where conventional wood chips are hard to use.

We offer wood chips in a variety of hardwood flavors: choose from Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Mesquite, Peach, or Pecan.

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