Spice Rack, Golden-Stained Oak

Large square spicerack
Also available as Cherry-Stained Oak


We've gotten a lot of requests over the years to carry spice racks, but we had a hard time finding any we liked well enough. These gorgeous racks are handmade for us by an artisan woodworker in Kentucky, and are specially crafted to fit both our 1/2 cup and 1 cup jars. Made in a classic, simple design that shows off the beautiful oak grain, these racks will last a lifetime.

The smaller rack holds 12 jars; six 1/2 cup and six 1 cup. Exterior measurements are 14 3/8" x 14 5/8" x 3".

The larger rack holds 24 jars; sixteen 1/2 cup and eight 1 cup. Exterior measurements are 19" x 23" x 3".

Both sizes are available in golden stained oak and cherry stained oak.

Spice Racks are sold empty. Jars must be purchased separately.

These racks are hand made, so we have only a few of each color in stock at a time. If we do not have your preferred color or size, please check back later.

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