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Nutmeg and Spice Microplane Graters

Freshly grated spices, espeically ginger and nutmeg, are incomparably better than pre-ground. Spices begin releasing oil as soon as they are ground, and eventually have no flavor at all. While all our pre-ground spices are ground frequently and sold soon after grinding, for the peak of flavor it's often worth grinding your own. These grinders and graters are the best we've found for home use.


Enjoy freshly ground spices at their peak flavor. This Microplane Spice Mill easily pulverizes hard spices like cinnamon and nutmeg into... Size Options
$44.99 Microplane Spice Mill Gift Box
Microplane has done it again with this sleek spice mill. Grind and store your favorite whole spices with this high-quality Size Options
$19.99 Microplane Spice Mill, Black