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Sage and Sage Blends

Sage has a very pungent flavor, requiring only small quantities for good seasoning. Sage seasoning is most popularly used in turkey stuffing, although stuffing for goose, chicken and duck also benefit from this seasoning. With our strong German and Slavic populations in the Midwest, many folks still practice the art of sausage making; we sell a lot of sage powder for this purpose. Sage seasoning marries very nicely with pork; it makes a nice salt-free rub for pork roast. For most of its history sage, like so many of the herbs, was best known for its medicinal virtues. The Druids' belief in the healing powers of sage was so strong that they believed it could bring the dead back to life! A tea made from sage leaves was said to improve both memory and prudence. One custom allowed maidens to foresee their future husbands by gathering a sprig of sage in the garden on Midsummer's Eve exactly at midnight. We found a recurring theme in our research of herbal histories: medicinal uses often dated back to several centuries BCE, and featured the addition of an herb to food in order to counteract disruptive elements of that dish. Sage powder was thought to counteract the indigestion caused by such rich foods as sausage or fatty poultry; therefore, it became a regular ingredient in these recipes. Over many generations, what initially was not so warmly received as a flavor came to be truly enjoyed; the recipes then called for the traditional herb regardless of whether its medicinal properties were proven


Rich with sage and mustard, this flavorful salt-free Bavarian spice is ideal for slow roasted meats and poultry. Tangy and herbal, the... Size Options
$6.49 Glass jar, 1/2 cup (wt. 1.6 oz)
Full of sage and savory flavors, poultry stuffing spice has all the spices already mixed together for your holiday turkey stuffing. This... Size Options
$5.99 Glass jar, 1/2 cup (wt. 1.5 oz)
This sage has all the flavor of the broken leaf, minus the inconvenience of the larger particulates. It can be added directly to sauces,... Size Options
$4.49 Glass jar, 1/2 cup (wt. 0.8 oz)