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Salt is actually a mineral, not a spice. Therefore, it does not lose its flavor over time like spices and herbs do. Salt has been an important player in world commerce and cuisine since ancient times, and "salts" our language and literature as well. No kitchen is complete without salt. Culinary salts come in two basic categories - sea salt and mined salt. All salt originates in sea water, but sea salt is evaporated from liquid ocean water, while mined salt is taken from ancient deposits left by long-dry seas. In recent years gourmet salts have grown immensly in popularity, leading to a confusion about the different types. Although some palates can detect a flavor difference between types of salts, for most people, choosing a cooking salt should be based on texture. If you have a grinder, a large grain dry salt like La Baleine coarse grain of Tidman's rock salt is a good choice. If you are a hands-on cook, a flake salt like Kosher or Maldon may suit you better, since the particles can be easily crushed in your fingers. The fluffy flakes of Kosher, Maldon, fleur de sel, and salt cream dissolve faster in food or on the tongue, resulting in a "saltier" taste than granular salts. Sea salts, especially grey salt and Hawaiian Red and Black salts, have a higher concentration of additional minerals compared to pure sodium chloride. Besides pure salts, we offer a variety of seasoned salts for a more complex salty taste. These salt blends are a great way to add flavor anywhere you'd add salt. Click here for a list of the sodium content in our salts.

See a video of The Spice Boss explaining salt varieties.


Celery salt seasoning is the classic blend of premium ground celery seed and fine-grained salt. It’s a deliciously savory seasoned salt,... Size Options
$4.49 Glass jar, 1/2 cup (wt. 4.8 oz)
Curing salt, also known as Prague Powder Number 1, is the standard 6.25% cure for all meats that require cooking, canning or smoking.... Size Options
$3.49 Resealable bag, 4 ounce
Fancy finishing salts can bring a touch of elegance to dishes from salads to fine pastries. The four salts in this box will allow you to... Size Options
$33.95 4 jar gift box
$26.99 salt cellar, small (1/2 cup)
Fleur de Sel translates to “the flower of salt”, referring to the way the crystals bloom on the surface of the drying pool. This high... Size Options
$22.49 16 oz package
Harvested from the pristine deep ocean waters off the island of Molokai, this beautiful salt has a brittle, crunchy texture as well as... Size Options
$7.99 Glass jar, 1/2 cup (wt. 5.0 oz)
Premium Hawaiian sea salt is cold smoked using locally sourced Kiawe wood, a staple for luau cooking. Kiawe's smokey flavor is soft and... Size Options
$11.99 Glass jar, 1/2 cup (5.8 oz)
Harvested from the pristine deep ocean waters off the island of Molokai, this beautiful Hawaiian red alaea sea salt has a brittle,... Size Options
$7.99 Glass jar, 1/2 cup (wt. 5.0 oz)
Mined from deposits left by ancient oceans, this beautiful salt is as pure as the prehistoric seas from which it came. These coarse... Size Options
$5.99 Glass jar, 1/2 cup (wt. 4.5 oz)
Kosher salt is the workhorse salt of most kitchens, with a pure salt flavor and a versatile flakey texture. Each crystal is an irregular,... Size Options
$4.99 kosher flake salt
This delicate flakey Maldon sea salt has been produced in Southeastern England since 1882. It is carefully dried so that the crystals... Size Options
$10.99 1 box
This is the smoked variety of our popular Maldon English Sea Salt. It has delicate pyramid flakes, which can be crushed in your fingers... Size Options
$9.49 1 box
This intensely aromatic mix of organic sea salt and high grade porcini powder makes a deeply flavorful finishing salt. Sprinkle in place... Size Options
$7.99 Glass jar, 1/2 cup (wt. 3.5 oz)
This fine grained salt is Portugal’s answer to French Fleur de Sel. Both salts are skimmed from the top of the drying pile, making them... Size Options
$5.49 Glass jar, 1/2 cup (wt. 3.0 oz)
Sel Traditionel de l'Ocean Atlantique is the Portuguese version of the popular French Grey Sea Salt. It has a strong salty taste with... Size Options
$4.49 Glass jar, 1/2 cup (wt. 4.5 oz)
Easier to use than liquid or powder smoke, this hickory smoke salt is a convenient way to add hearty BBQ flavor to any dish. It’s great... Size Options
$4.99 Glass jar, 1/2 cup (wt. 4.0 oz)
An intense and delicious additive to any dish, except ice cream. This rare salt come to us from Perugia, Italy. Size Options
$21.49 Glass jar, 1/4 cup (wt. 2.4 oz)
This hot powdered salt is so terrific, we decided to name it in honor of the Roman god of fire, Vulcan. As the name implies, expect a ... Size Options
$5.99 Glass jar, 1/2 cup (wt. 2.3 oz)