Spicy Wedding Gift Box, Regular

This Spicy Wedding Gift Box is always well-received at weddings, anniversaries, or as a shower gift. It contains four versatile seasonings, and comes with a tiny wooden box containing "wedding charm" spices, three spices considered to bring luck to newlyweds.
Also available as Deluxe


The spices in this gift box are a great way to start a new kitchen with fresh flavors. We also include “wedding charm” spices - nutmeg, rosemary, and star anise. A German tradition says you will have a sound marriage provided you have a sound nutmeg in the kitchen. Rosemary, according to Shakespeare, is for remembrance. In China, a beautiful hand-selected star anise, the points of the star joining in the center, represents all the attributes of both individuals joining in the bonds of marriage. These sayings accompany the box on a detailed brochure.

Your Spice Wedding Gift Box contains the following seasonings:


Back of the Yards Garlic Pepper Butcher's Rub is possibly our best grilling mixture. The term "butcher’s rub" refers to a coarser blend of spices, both attractive and flavorful. We love Back-of-the-Yards on steaks, ribs, chops, chicken, duck, turkey, burgers, pork chops, vegetables, and eggs.


Herbs de Provence is the classic French herb blend. Also known as Provencal herbs, this delightful mixture takes its name from the region of Provence, France. This salt-free, country-style blend really adds something to any dish -- beef or rabbit stew, roast lamb, chicken, pork, soups and stocks, vegetable dishes (especially eggplant or zucchini), tomatoes.


Our popular Vanilla Bean Sugar is made with premium hand-choppped Bourbon Island vanilla beans, our richest, most intense vanilla extract, and the finest pure cane sugar. It is so good you can eat it by the spoonful! Vanilla sugar is a common substitute for extract in many European baked goods, especially in German baking recipes where it is known as Vanillezucker. Made with a combination of beans and extract, our vanilla sugar is slightly stronger than most homemade or commercial vanilla sugars. Besides baking, sprinkle it on toast, fruit, hot cereals, in tea, cocoa, or coffee.


Sel Traditionel de l'Ocean Atlantique is the Portuguese version of the popular French Grey Sea Salt. This bulk sea salt is much whiter than the French, as the region experiences far less rainfall. Rainfall and storms cause the clay at the bottom of the salt pools to mingle with the salt and turn it grey. Salt farmers in Portugal adhere to quality standards for certified organic produce and consequently have been awarded the "Slow Food Award for the Defense of Biodiversity."

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