Truffle Oil, Black

Large square black truffle oil  la truffiere condimento aromatizzato al tartufo nero
Italian black truffle infused olive oil. It can be used the same as any upscale olive oil, with the added bonus of the truffle flavor, giving it a luxurious, high end feel.
Also available as White


The truffle is a tuber with a unique flavor and scent that his highly valued in French and Italian cuisine. Truffles have not yet been successfully cultivated, and their scarcity commands a high premium. With a short growing season and continual high demand, truffles often sell for up to $800 per pound. The truffles of the Piedmont area are especially adored for their remarkable flavors.

This black truffle olive oil is a great way to experience the taste of fresh truffles without breaking the bank. Black truffle olive oil is stronger than its white counterpart and is a nice addition to vinaigrettes and marinades. Just a drop or two of the oil will bring out a fuller truffle flavor in your dish. It pairs very nicely with any dish involving mushrooms, as the truffle taste compliments other mushrooms. White truffle oil increases in potency when added to a dish before cooking, while black truffle infused olive oil is already strong enough to add as a finish to your dish.

We also carry white truffle oil.

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