Cumin Seed, Organic Turkish

These aromatic cumin seeds are grown to organic standards in Turkey and impart a savory, pungent flavor wherever they’re used. Whole seeds are often toasted before use in rice dishes and curries, or try sprinkling them over thick soups for a flavorful garnish.
Also available as Ground


Spice Region
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The US is at last catching up to the rest of the world in recognizing cumin as a vital spice. It has a potent, unique and somewhat bitter flavor that is essential in Indian curries as well as good chili. It is often roasted before grinding, giving it a nutty, toasted flavor. Nearly all Mexican bean and meat dishes call for generous amounts of cumin (“cumino” in Spanish), as do recipes from other Latin American countries. Many Dutch and Swiss cheese makers use cumin seeds to give their cheeses a distinct flavor, and various other European bakers use it in their bread.
We also offer our conventionally grown cumin, which has flavor that is warmer and less grassy than our organic cumin.

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