Vanilla Extract, Pure, Mexican, Single Strength

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Vanilla is indigenous to Mexico, so good Mexican beans are often considered the finest of all vanillas. Mexican Vanilla Extract has an extra spiciness, and raisin note to it that marries well with desserts that are heavy on the baking spices, and a rich, earthy creaminess that goes well with chocolate or in savory dishes.


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While all of our extracts are made in the United States, the beans for this extract come only from Mexico, where the tradition of growing fine vanilla dates back before the conquering days of Cortez.
Surprisingly, this vanilla is also good for a variety of tomato based dishes. In addition to drawing out flavors, this Mexican vanilla extract also cuts the acidity of the tomatoes. You will be pleasantly surprised if you put a dash of this in your next batch of chili.
Ingredients: Water, ethyl alcohol (35%), sugar, vanilla bean extractives. No preservatives or coumarin.

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