White Malaysian Peppercorns, Ground

White pepper spice has had the black outer shell of the peppercorn removed, giving it a smooth mellow flavor. This finely ground powder will disappear into sauces, soups, or any dish that needs pepper flavor without changing its appearance or texture.
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White ground pepper is strongly preferred over black pepper in European kitchens, and finely ground white pepper is a popular table condiment in Southeast Asia. This pungent white Malaysian pepper virtually disappears in most dishes, allowing the introduction of fine flavor without marring the presentation of light-colored sauces and dishes. While we grind white peppercorns weekly in our shop for fresh, pungent flavor, for the peak of freshness you can buy whole white peppercorns and grind them yourself as needed.

White peppercorns come from the same vine as the black. They are soaked in water to soften the outer shell, which is them removed. Their flavor, while still distinctly peppery, is quite different from that of black peppercorns. The soaking gives this pepper a mellow, slightly fermented taste, without the sharp bite of black pepper.

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