Kosher Spices

The products blended and packaged at the Spice House location in Milwaukee, and at our warehouse facility in Skokie Illinois, are certified kosher and pareve by the Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin.

We now have a downloadable catalog for our Milwaukee shop, where you can see by the Kosher symbol which products are Kosher. Since we also ship orders out from all of our other non-Kosher stores, If you need your order to be Kosher, please specify this in the "special instructions" section of our order form. You can also call our store to let us know that you want your order to ship out of our Kosher Milwaukee store, our toll free number is 1 888 488 0977.

Which items are kosher? View our In-store Milwaukee Kosher Catalog to see which spices are available kosher. Any product with the symbol Kosher Symbol is kosher when purchased from our Milwaukee shop.

In-store Milwaukee Kosher Catalog

To view our Milwaukee certification, please see our kosher certificate.

To view our Skokie certification, please see our Skokie kosher certificate.

Many whole spices are considered kosher without certification. For a list of these spices, read our blog post on kosher spices.

If you have any further questions, please call the Milwaukee store at 1-888-488-0977.