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Morimoto Spices

Chef-Driven Flavors
for the Home Cook

Featured Blends

Morimoto Gift Box

Morimoto Gift Box

Chef Morimoto’s playful take on Japanese cuisine has charmed diners around the world. This premium...
Black Garlic Ramen Pepper

Black Garlic Ramen Pepper

Visit any good ramen stall and you'll find a shaker of ramen pepper within arm's reach. Sweet,...
Shichimi Togarashi

Shichimi Togarashi

True to Chef Morimoto's style, we break tradition by adding green Sichuan peppercorn to this blend...
Epice Spice

Epice Powder

You're looking at Chef Morimoto's own house blend of spices, famously used for his sauteed lobster...
Yuzu Kosho Powder

Yuzu Kosho

Yuzu fruit’s tart citrus flavor pairs perfectly with spicy green chiles in this bright and savory...
Sichuan Chile BBQ Rub

Sichuan Chile BBQ Rub

Smoky, spicy, and tingly on the tongue, this blend elevates traditional barbecue with mild Gochugaru

Featured Recipes

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