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How to Make a Perfect Marinade

Marinated food tastes better. Mastering the art of the marinade is fundamental to preparing delectably tender meats and more flavorful vegetables.
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Helpful Tips for Cooks of Any Level

Spices help you become a better cook. Here are some tips from The Spice House to help you make the most of these flavors and improve your skills.
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What is Mace Spice?

Mace is misunderstood. As a spice, it seems to hold the same status as marjoram—an ingredient...

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Summer Recipe Center

Fresh summer produce and gorgeous weather inspires us to cook some of the best recipes.
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Grilling & Barbecue Recipe Center

As the weather warms up so does our appetite. Find the best BBQ and grilling recipes and spices right here.
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An Ode to Oysters!

Oysters are one of the most environmentally sustainable forms of animal protein. They're also delicious with fresh spices.
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Restaurant Pickup Guide

Looking for food delivery & pickup options? So are we. The Spice House lists the top delivery and pickup restaurants in Chicagoland and Greater Milwaukee.
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Specialty Coffee and Tea Recipes

Become your own barista when you try your hand at these warm drinks. They’re easier than you think...
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Our Best Craft Cocktail Recipes

Skip the bar with these craft cocktails recipes you can make at home.
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10 Best Breakfast Recipes

Now that most of us aren’t rushing out the door to get to work or school in the morning we can put more time into our breakfasts.
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5 New Easter Recipes

This year's Easter celebrations will be a lot different. But, household or even virtual celebrations don’t mean they have to...

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Home-Cooking Recipe Center

During these uncertain times, we hope delicious food can bring comfort. The Spice House wants to support you in your...

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5 Delicious Recipes Using Pantry Staples

As we hunker down for an uncertain period of time, what is certain is that most of us have a...

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