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A Taste of Paradise: Tahitian Vanilla Beans

Few flavors are as complex as true vanilla. The Tahitian variety is no exception, delivering a delicately floral...

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Flavor and Spice Trends for 2020

As we embark on a new year, we want to take a few moments to look at the trends and...

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Traditional New Year’s Day Foods & Recipes

Across the globe, people prepare special dishes to be eaten for good luck in the New Year. And the wonderful...

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Transforming Leftovers With Spices

The inexperienced cook pulls leftovers from the fridge and serves them again. The brilliant cook repurposes leftovers so no one...

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Christmas Dinner Recipe Ideas

The Christmas season is filled with gatherings of friends and family. And that means there are plenty of opportunities for...

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The Spice House Gift Guide

Gift boxes from The Spice House are the perfect gift for the culinary personalities in your life. We carry two dozen gift boxes to wow everyone from the Explorer, to the Connoisseur, to the Impossible. 
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How to Use Cinnamon Sticks

It is the world’s most beloved bark. You’ll find it in bakery treats and breakfast cereals, in savory stews and...

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Our Favorite Traditional & Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Sides

Thanksgiving gives adventuresome cooks a chance to dive deep into their family’s culinary traditions and to...

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Flavorful, Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Sides

Thanksgiving side dishes can easily steal the show and it’s no wonder: the side dishes are often prepared...

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Multicultural Thanksgiving Traditions

With Thanksgiving nearly upon us, homes across America will soon be filled with loved ones, laughter, and, perhaps most importantly,...

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5 Reasons to Buy Spices Online & Skip the Store

If you’re still picking up your spices at the grocery store, you’re doing it wrong—missing out on flavor, variety, savings...

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Introducing the Flatpack

Since our founding in 1957, The Spice House has pushed boundaries for the spice trade. We are always tinkering and...

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5 Must-Have Spices for the Holidays

As the year draws to a close, the number of holiday meals increases and our tables welcome friends old and...

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