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Cooking with Dried Garlic and Onion

For more than five millenia humans have enjoyed the pungent flavors of alliums, better known as the garlic and onion family. Alliums are more specifically a genus that includes onions, garlic, leeks, chives, and shallots. 
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Sustainability at The Spice House

In the early days of the spice trade, all packaging was eco-friendly. Wooden barrels protected spice cargo in the holds...

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What Are the Different Types of Cinnamon?

It used to be if you wanted high quality cinnamon, you had to venture into the Arabian peninsula, find the great Cinnamologus...

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Sustainability: The Flatpack

The Spice House got a facelift in the fall of 2019. We designed new labels, stamped a new metal cap,...

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The Truth About Bulk Spices

I bought bulk spices in the dark days before I discovered the magic of online spice shopping. Bulk spices seem...

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Our Favorite Saint Patrick's Day Recipes

Outside of St. Patrick’s Day, Irish cuisine doesn’t get the year-round love and adoration that its European neighbors often get....

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Spice Spotlight: Cumin Seeds

From a busy pakora stall in Mumbai, to an Athens gyro taverna, to a Los Angeles taqueria, cumin’s savory pungency has been enjoyed by billions of people for thousands of years.
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North African Cooking: Spice Pantry Essentials

Spices help you expand your palate and let you explore new cuisines and cultures from the comfort of your own kitchen....

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Spice Spotlight: Sumac

If you find yourself in the countryside of southern Turkey, you might notice some small trees with crimson clusters of...

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Valentine’s Day Italian Dinner for Two

As with most holidays, Valentine's Day comes down to human connection, and there are few things more intimate than cooking...

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10 Rare Spices That Will Change The Way You Cook

There are your mainstay spices—and then there are the ones you’d probably have to Google if you saw them on...

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Our Favorite Game Day Recipes

The Super Bowl is as much about food as it is about football. Ever wonder why so many non-sports fans...

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A New Way to Store Spices

It’s Time to Rethink Your Spice Cabinet

There’s a reason spice organization is such a popular topic for...

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