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Healthy Recipes for the New Year

Healthy Recipes for the New Year

Healthy Recipes for the New Year

Starting the New Year with healthy foods is a great way to ensure a happy and healthy 2023. The Spice House has a plethora of healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes to keep you full and satisfied all year long. Clean eating doesn’t have to be boring, from warm roasted salads to sheet pan recipes, you’ll find everything you need here to set up for success.

Healthy Snacks

Keeping your New Year’s goals on track is easier when you have a lot of choices for snacks. Here are some of The Spice House’s most popular healthy snack recipes. Focusing on healthy proteins like chickpeas, and using vegetables to dip into some of our favorite sauces will keep you full and reach your health goals.

Healthy Dinner Ideas

After working all day, it can be hard to throw together a healthy and satisfying dinner that you’ll actually want to eat. Here are some of our favorite dinner recipes that showcase vegetables and will keep the whole family happy. The Spice House also has ExactPacks specially made for healthy Sheet Pan dinners like Lemon Za’atar Roast Chicken and Tandoori Spiced Salmon.

Healthy Chicken Recipes

Chicken and turkey are great protein options when eating clean because they are low in fat and high in protein. Take a look here at some of our best healthy poultry recipes.

Healthy Lunch Ideas

Whether you eat lunch at home or in the office, these recipes are great to make ahead and easy to pack so you won’t have to wonder what’s for lunch when noon rolls around.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Starting the day off right with a healthy and filling breakfast is the key to maintaining a healthy diet. These recipes here will keep your morning interesting without sacrificing your New Years goals.

Healthy Seasoning Blends

The Spice House offers many salt-free seasoning blends that can help keep your sodium intake low, while still enjoying delicious food. Take a look at our whole Salt-Free Seasoning Collection, and browse our bestsellers below.

  • Salt-Free Seasoning Gift Box
    • Parisian Shallot Salt-Free Herb Blend
    • Oaxacan Ancho Coffee Salt-Free Rub
    • Singapore Citrus Salt-Free Curry Blend
    • Salt-Free Adobo Seasoning
    • Salt-Free Cajun Seasoning
    • Florida Citrus Pepper Salt-Free Blend
    • Central Street salt-Free Old World Seasoning
    • Herbes De Provence



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