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About Us

Founded in 1957, The Spice House is a purveyor of the finest spices, herbs, blends, and extracts to customers ranging from renowned Michelin-star chefs to home cooks everywhere.  We’ve spent over 60 years curating our global network of premium growers and distributors in order to offer our customers unrivaled quality and selection. Our products range from essential and rare spice varietals to proprietary rubs and blends.

Quality & Expertise

We share with our customers a passion for crafting delicious dishes from scratch, discovering and experimenting with new tastes, and gathering with loved ones to enjoy a well-cooked meal. Fresh, quality spices empower us to transform simple ingredients into delicious, flavorful meals. From the pungent heat of a chile pepper, to the delicate bouquet of paprika blooming in the pan, the right spice makes the dish.  

Every spice has an origin story—one that can be traced back to a corner of the world with a particular ecology and anthropology that informs how we use that spice today.  We honor these origins by sourcing our spices from the most experienced, high-quality suppliers in those regions and by passing our knowledge of spices on to our customers.  

We grind and blend our small-batch spices weekly because we’ve learned over 60 years of experience that it’s the best way to ensure the freshest and most flavorful individual spices and blends.  This is one of the reasons that The Spice House is trusted by professional chefs.

Our Origins

The Spice House was born in post-war, fast-paced America by founders Bill Sr. and Ruth Penzey. They sited the business at the western terminus of America’s most storied shipping waterway, the Well and Erie Canals, giving them a global reach as they aspired to source the world’s finest spices. Armed with a discerning palate, a love of foreign cultures, and an unrelenting obsession to unearth the finest growers of spices worldwide, they built their network. It was a labor of love, and everyone in the family was involved. Their daughter Patty grew up working in the store, wielding large stainless-steel scoops, operating old-style mills and sifters, and acquiring an encyclopedic knowledge of spices.

When the time came, Bill Sr. and Ruth passed ownership of The Spice House to the second generation—Patty and her husband.  Patty and Tom infused the business with their own zeal and creativity, expanding to many more physical locations and bringing the business into the 21st century with the launch of  Frequently sought after as expert speakers and guests of honor at culinary events, Patty and Tom continued to build The Spice House’s reputation as a trusted purveyor of the freshest and highest quality spices.  Under their leadership, The Spice House garnered coverage from premier cooking publications including Cook’s Illustrated and Bon Appetit, along with numerous accolades and awards.  

In 2018, with kismet and good fortune, business partners Dave Grossman and Dan Yates met and befriended Tom and Patty. Dave and Dan had respectively built successful careers in finance and technology, and were both wanting for a mission more tangible and human scale, something to love and share with family and friends. With a shared passion for food and culture, they saw the untapped potential stored up in the lifetimes of work and expertise that Bill, Ruth, Patty and Tom had poured into the Spice House. Happily, Tom and Patty also saw something in Dan and Dave—successful business builders who could bring their vision to a national and then global scale. 

Our Future

Now as the new owners of The Spice House, Dave and Dan are committed to sustaining and strengthening the company’s core tenets of premium quality, freshness, and variety—all the while honoring culinary traditions and experiences around the world.  The next generation of Spice House merchants is elevating the delivery of spices with purposefully designed jars and refill packs, ease of online ordering for personal purchases and gifts, and expanded access to world-class recipes and professional guidance at

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To be a good cook you have to have a love of the good, a love of hard work, and a love of creating.

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