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Favorite Fruit & Spice Pairings

Favorite Fruit & Spice Pairings

Nothing beats fresh fruit as a cool treat in the summer. 

These fruit and spice pairings offer the perfect flavor combo for picnics in the shade, treats beside the pool, or dinner on the patio. Add these fruit and spice combos to your summer recipe rotation and effortlessly impress your guests all season long.

Caribbean Citrus Chile Rub + Banana 

Banana Spice Pairing

What's not festive about a blend of lime, lemon, and orange? The chiles in this zesty Caribbean Blend are mild, but heat lovers will still appreciate a bit of zip. We love pairing this island-inspired blend with fresh banana. Perfect for a quick snack by the pool. 



Hawaiian Smoked Sea Salt + Watermelon 


Wood from the kiawe tree, similar to mesquite, infuses our Hawaiian Smoked Sea Salt with soft, sweet, smoky notes. The delicate balance of this interesting salt creates a flavor profile that pairs perfectly with watermelon, fresh or grilled. Sprinkle this over fresh watermelon and a squeeze of lime for the perfect lunch side dish. Take to to the next level by grilling the watermelon briefly for a quick sear to further enhance the smokiness. 

For some quick tips on how to grill fresh fruit, follow our guide here



Mexican Chile Lime Seasoning + Mango

Fruit Salad

We all know summer can be hot, hot hot and there's no better way to cool off than by sprinkling something bright, sweet, and sharp over a plate of cold, sliced mango, jicama, melon, papaya, or oranges. Our Mexican Chile Lime Seasoning is a versatile, bright blend of guajillo chiles, lime, and salt that pairs just as well with your fruit salad as it does a fun cocktail. What more could you ask for!





southchinaseas on November 22th, 2023

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